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GRAM - Multisensorial Analysis and Recognition Group

GRAM is part of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the University of Alcalá. Our research is main focused on pattern recognition analysis and computer vision. The range of topics on which research is done is extensive and includes: intelligent transportation systems, traffic signs recognition, video surveillance, category-level object recognition, pattern recognition, ...

news and events

openings New openings! (Updated 15-February-2017)
eccv 2016 logo 2 papers accepted in the prestigious ECCV 2016 conference!
openings New openings! (Updated 17-September-2015)
BMVC 2015 LOGO One paper accepted in the BMVC 2015 conference!
openings New openings! (Updated 16-December-2014)
BMVC 2014 LOGO One paper accepted in the BMVC 2014 conference. The acceptance rate is 130 / 431 = 30%!
publication Our paper, Road-Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines , has been included in the list of the Top 10 Best Research Papers (2000 to 2009) by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society!
openings New openings! (Updated 16-July-2014)
publication New publication accepted in IEEE CVPR 2012. The acceptance rate is 465 / 1933 = 24%!
publication New publication accepted in IEEE ICCV 2011 - 1st IEEE Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception.
openings New openings! (Updated 07-Sept-2011)
publication New publication accepted in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
publication ICARO (Image Collection of Annotated Real-world Objects) has been released!
publication New publication accepted in Computer Vision and Image Understanding .
openings New openings! (Updated 22-10-2010)
publication New publication accepted in Signal Processing .
publication New publication accepted for oral presentation in the ibPRIA09 conference.
publication New publication in continuous variance estimation in video surveillance sequences.
GRAM Welcome to the official web of GRAM. We are already open!. Please, see Publications web page to look through our latest research results.