About me

Roberto Javier López-Sastre

Associate Professor
Email - robertoj.lopez (AT) uah.es
Office S-342, Polytechnic School
University of Alcalá
Campus Universitario, A2 Km 33.600
28805, Alcalá de Henares (SPAIN)
Tlf: (+34) 91 885 6720
Fax: (+34) 91 885 6699


I got my Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Alcalá, Spain in 2005. I work at the GRAM research group within the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, where I defended my PhD in Electrical Engineering on may 18, 2010, entitled "Visual Vocabularies for Category-Level Object Recognition". In 2008, I spent 6 months in lovely Leuven, working with Tinne Tuytelaars and the VISICS research group. Summer 2010, I visited Silvio Savarese's group at University of Michigan.

Research interests

In reverse chronological order: unsupervised learning, activity recognition, object category pose estimation, semantic visual vocabularies, category-level object recognition, traffic signs recognition/detection.


PhD Students:

  • Marcos Baptista-Rios
  • Daniel Oñoro-Rubio


  • none :(


  • Nadjia Khatir (2017, PhD student from University of Oran)


  • Carolina Redondo-Cabrera (PhD+Postdoc now at Accenture Artificial Intelligence Lab)

Community duties